Tao of the Hiccup?

“Grr says ‘hiccups’,” my husband calls out while walking up the stairs. This is not the first time he’s thrown that statement my way.

“Noooooo” I reply, rolling my eyes and laughing.

And yet. Hiccups. Hmmm.

No, no, it would be uncontrollable, I mean, do you know anybody who can make themselves have hiccups? After all, all I can find about them relates to stopping them.

But still. Hiccups. Maybe.

My dog and I both get hiccups from time to time. Mine are loud, squeaky, and annoying. Hers are quiet and cute. I don’t know what she does about hers, mostly ignores them I suspect. For mine, I’ve found not much can be done except try to relax and endure them to the end. It’s that word relax that turns my maybe into an “aha!”. Relaxation is not directly related, but it lit a bulb in my mind.

See, I have an in-progress series, Opa & Artan, wherein the characters change realities by going through magical doorways. A state of being open-minded to all the universe has to offer gives a character the ability to open doorways, and each character must find their own pathway to that state then work on repeatability and consistency. Finding and refining that pathway can be a lifetime pursuit, much like being a Taoist. Some use meditation, some music, others channel their magic into a gadget (and think it’s that gadget that’s doing the magic, not them, silly beasts) and now one will key off of hiccups. It will mean no control over when and where doorways appear for this character – though he or she will always have the choice to go through each doorway, or not – but I can put that element of randomness to good use.

Yes, yes, I can.

Thanks, Doug. Thanks, Grr. What else do you have for me?

Written by Becca

Becca loves (in no particular order, ok, the husband comes first, probably) triking, Jeeping, her Spinone, her husband, and his sooper-dooper cutie-patootie of a mutt. The universe presented an opportunity on a platter and, not being one to deny the universe, she’s now taking the chance to chase a dream by transforming from accidental geek to intentional writer.

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