Smirk is haunting me, or would that be: taunting me? So much so that my alter ego (a.k.a. pen name). R.L. Gray, made a meme about it then later tweeted her pain.

“Smirk is my current nemesis. I hadn’t noticed it for eons. Now it’s everywhere and IMO it’s being used incorrectly. It irks; it rubs hair the wrong way; it scratches its nails on chalkboard; it salts the wound. Then, it smirks.”

Written by Ordinary Dreams

Becca loves (in no particular order, hmm, ok, D comes first, probably) triking, Jeeping, B’s Spinone, D, and D’s Whinerarner (and they both greatly miss D’s sooper-dooper cutie-patootie of a mutt, Mia Mutt, and B’s Labradorable, Sophie). The universe presented an opportunity on a platter and, not being one to deny the universe, B took the chance to chase a dream by transforming from accidental geek to intentional writer. {muauuahhhahhhahhh}

Now time for the shameless plugs.