For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been pre-procrastinating. With my last day of day-job work looming I’ve spent weekends and evenings doing some of the things that I know would otherwise cause me to procrastinate once I’m officially writing full-time.

  • Revamp this website. Done.
  • Start blogging. Done.
  • Add links to blogs of friends, family, acquaintances, and more. Done
  • List favorite authors. Done.
  • Add links to useful sites. Done.
  • Set-up reference shelf. Done.
  • Establish working method and provide a progress report area for hubby (and anyone else who’s curious) to view. Done.
  • Wait patiently for Friday 11/18. In-Progress, but not so patiently.

Currently, I plan to take two weeks off and officially start the full-time writing gig, along with spreading the real estate broker word more widely, on Monday, December 5th.  I have a few pre-procrastination items for the broker world as well, so maybe I’ll knock those out between bouts of outlining and relaxing during my staycation. The problem, and it’s a wonderful problem to have, is that once the creativity starts to flow it’s difficult to turn it off and I’ve already been suppressing it for A Long Time.

Maybe I won’t be able to give myself that time off after all. :0)

Written by Ordinary Dreams

Becca loves (in no particular order, hmm, ok, D comes first, probably) triking, Jeeping, B’s Spinone, D, and D’s Whinerarner (and they both greatly miss D’s sooper-dooper cutie-patootie of a mutt, Mia Mutt, and B’s Labradorable, Sophie). The universe presented an opportunity on a platter and, not being one to deny the universe, B took the chance to chase a dream by transforming from accidental geek to intentional writer. {muauuahhhahhhahhh}

Now time for the shameless plugs.