DOGS! A 2019 Weekly Planner: Featuring {month}

Yeeeha, I finally got my first low-content items published through Amazon. It was a fun, frustrating, and yet simple process. There was a definite learning curve for me, most especially with the plethora of image compression settings in PowerPoint and Acrobat. But they’ve been approved and are LIVE!

I started with DOGS! because, well, I’m a dog person, and I started with planner for 2019 because maybe it’s still early enough in the year for some to sell. Even if not, I have ideas galore for additional items *and* I’ve worked through many newbie issues. When it comes time to self-publish some snack-sized romances, I’ll be a step or two ahead of myself.

Anyhoot, check them out on the Woodrose Press page!

Written by Ordinary Dreams

Becca loves (in no particular order, ok, the husband comes first, probably) triking, Jeeping, her Spinone, her husband, and his Whinerarner (and we both greatly miss his sooper-dooper cutie-patootie of a mutt, Mia Mutt, and her Labradorable, Sophie). The universe presented an opportunity on a platter and, not being one to deny the universe, she took the chance to chase a dream by transforming from accidental geek to intentional writer. Though life now leads back to the cube world she plans to put even that experience to good use in her writing. {muauuahhhahhhahhh}

Now time for the shameless plugs. Please see also her site with her husband about their motorcycle (and some Jeeping) travels, Chasing Blue Sky, her site as a Real Estate Broker in Colorado, SpinOne Group, her site as a Notary Public and Notary Signing Agent in Colorado, and/or the Facebook pages for Lu C. FurL.C., and  Mia Mutt (Sophie was pre-this-sort-of-thing), and Pigasus Studio.