I’m dreaming, and in my dream someone pulls me away from someone else while saying: “don’t talk to him, he’s a Dispirit”.


I awake to the dogs circling the bed doing their breakfast-time dance. Even though the clock says it’s only 5:12 a.m. their internal clocks say 6:12 a.m. and thus 12 minutes past feeding time — geez I hate time changes, and while I do prefer the “fall back” variety if they have to happen I wish they’d just stop already. Anyhoot, as I wander downstairs to feed the dogs I’m thinking about the word dispirit. Was I misremembering it? Did I mean, say, desperate? Disparate? No, no, I tell myself, the word was definitely dispirit, with a capital D even. Dispirit.

Dispirited, even dispiriting, those are adjectives I’ve heard, even used. But dispirit, well that’s more of a verb. And then: as a proper noun?

So, I look it up.

Google says:

  1. cause (someone) to lose enthusiasm or hope.
    “the army was dispirited by the uncomfortable winter conditions”

I read this and smile. This plays nicely into something that was floating in the recesses of my brain, and especially as I now plan to put it to use – as a proper noun.

I’ve always admired how we can give the mind a task to do and it will continue to process it even while we sleep.

Dreams, gotta love ’em!

Written by Becca

Becca loves (in no particular order, ok, the husband comes first, probably) triking, Jeeping, her Spinone, her husband, and his sooper-dooper cutie-patootie of a mutt. The universe presented an opportunity on a platter and, not being one to deny the universe, she’s now taking the chance to chase a dream by transforming from accidental geek to intentional writer.

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